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If you have flat or low-pitch roof that needs installed, repaired, or replaced, an IB Roof System may be just what you need!  These fabric-reinforced membranes are designed to withstand chemicals, UV rays, and the natural elements while giving you a watertight and virtually maintenance-free roof.  Their light color and reflective surface also increases your building’s energy efficiency by reflecting the sun away from your building instead of absorbing the heat energy the way that darker materials do.

What we do

1.  Remove Old Roof

It is not always necessary that we remove your old roof before installing the new one, but, if it is, we will remove the existing materials and dispose of them.

2.  Install Substrate

Most frequently, the IB Roof System is installed overtop of foam board.  The thickness of the foam board will vary based on roof needs, desired energy efficiency, and whether or not the roof will also have a tapered system installed to drive water to drains.  This foam board is fastened into the metal decking to ensure that it is secured.

3.  Measure and Cut IB Membrane

Next, we measure and cut the membrane to the necessary lengths to ensure proper coverage and overlap.

4.  Fasten Membrane

The membrane is then fasted into place along one side using barbed, metal plates and screws to hold it securely in place.

5.  Heat Welding

Once the membrane is in place, all long seams are welded shut using a robotic heat welder to create a consistent, tight, impenetrable bond.  All finer details are heat-welded by hand to ensure a quality, watertight finish.

6.  Install Pipe Fittings and Flashing

schultz-roofing-rubber-pipe-bootIn order to guarantee that no water will be able to seam beneath the finished membrane, we install pipe and edge/curb flashing which is also hand-welded to ensure quality and accuracy.

7.  Install Drains

schultz-roofing-drain-installationWhen the roof is nearly finished, we will install the necessary drains in the roof so that any water not being directed towards the edge can properly drain without pooling on the roof.

8.  Termination Seals

ib-roof-system-termination-bar-paThe last step in the process is to seal off all membrane terminations at the edges.  This is often seen where a membrane roof is taken up the side of a wall to a depth high enough to be certain no water can seep in along the edge.  This edge is then fastened securely to the fall and caulked, further ensuring that no water will get down below.

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