Work Performed
Top Coat Application, Added Drainage, Base Coat Application, Pressure Washing, Seam Reinforcement
Project Details

Our customer was having increased problems with an aging EPDM roof system.  They were experiencing roof leaks at the seams, along flashing, and around skylights.  Inside were their offices and equipment and a great liability if the roof system were to fail.  That is why they called our roofing professionals at Schultz Roofing to secure their investment and protect it for years to come.

This rubber roof coating project began with our crew scrubbing the roof using high-power pressure washers and a cleaning agent to remove any dirt and debris which might keep the urethane base coat from properly adhering.  Next, we installed additional drainage and a scupper box to allow water to properly flow off the roof instead of laying on top.

Because field-applied rubber seams can be a potential source for leakage over time, we reinforced all seams with fabric to help eliminate future failures.  We then applied a thick urethane base coat and silicone top coat to the roof to lock out any possible moisture.  The customer was also having some issues with leaking along a partial block wall.  In order to seal this up and stop any leaks which may have been originating there, we applied an acrylic coating to the wall.

Since the project was completed, the customer’s facility has been leak-free, and they are anxious to have us coat the roof on another facility close by.

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