Project Type
Work Performed
Termination Sealing, Heat Welding, New Material Installation, Old Roof Removal
Project Details

This project involved the replacement of an old, failing TPO membrane roof on a building undergoing renovations.  The existing membrane roof material was cracking, seams were coming apart, and water was seeping down below, deteriorating the substrate below.  Due to poor drainage, large pools of water would collect on the roof and leak into the building.

To correct these problems, we began by completely removing the old roof down to the metal decking.  Our commercial roofing crew then installed a tapered foam board system to direct water toward new roof drains Schultz Roofing would be putting in to better handle run-off.

The weather was cold, but the IB Roof Systems material we were using for this roof remained flexible and allowed us to finished this project during the winter when other rubber roofing materials might not have been so workable.

After securely fastening the new rubber in place, our team of skilled roofing professionals heat welded  all of the seams, wrapped and terminated the standing walls along three sides of the roof, and caulked all points not welded to create a watertight barrier across the entire surface.

The last part of this rubber roofing project was to install the drains at the predetermined locations across the roof.  Now the water from across the roof is properly directed toward these drains, and standing water is no longer an issue on this roof!

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