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A leaky roof is more than just an annoyance.  Leaks allow water to penetrate into your building, deteriorating the structure and putting equipment and inventory at risk of damage.  Even a tiny leak, if left unchecked, can cause significant decay over time, eventually leading to very costly repairs of substrate, rusted supports, and more.

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Leak Tracking & Repair

We are dedicated to keeping you and your commercial assets protected.  Leaks can come in all shapes and sizes and can be a result of–

  • pinholes in rubber membrane
  • deteriorated seams that have pulled apart
  • rust holes in the metal
  • weather gaskets around screw heads
  • end-lap seams that have gapped over time
  • improperly installed gutter
  • damage from weather or carelessness
  • and more.

Our commercial roofing experts have years of experience tracking down even the most difficult-to-find leaks and getting them stopped.  No matter what the situation, we are here for you.

Commercial Roof Repair

Whether it’s due to storm damage, age-related deterioration, or a leak that was left unchecked for too long, there are times when you may need a portion of your roof repaired or replaced.  From small fixes to large, our team will work with you to solve the problem and keep your building protected.

Roof Inspections & Maintenance

We offer comprehensive roof inspections and maintenance services to give you added peace of mind.  These inspections are preemptive measures to help stop leaks before they even happen. 

This includes –

  • evaluating the condition of the roof
  • looking for potential sources of water infiltration
  • taking steps to seal any possible water access points
  • determining if more extensive work needs to be performed to keep your roof leak-free.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Agreements

Many roofs can benefit from regular inspections and maintenance by qualified professionals.  We offer custom-tailored maintenance plans to fit your specific needs.  These can include comprehensive roof inspections, gutter and roof drain cleaning, minor roof repairs, and more.  Get in contact with our roofing specialists today, and take the step to keep your building protected today.

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For over 20 years, Schultz Roofing has been servicing, repairing, and installing commercial systems throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

From metal roofs to flat roofs to aged, multi-layered roofs, Schultz Roofing offers a proven system for guarding your underlying investment. Whether you need superior performance for extreme conditions, a high quality selection or a solid choice that provides maximum value, we provide a wide range of products and services to meet any need and budget.