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Metal Roof Coating

How We Repair & Protect Your Metal Roof

Metals roofs are a durable, long-lasting way to protect your building, but, over time, they can begin to show signs of age, including rusting and leaking.  Rather than going through the expense and hassle of replacing a roof that is still structurally sound, Schultz Roofing offers metal roof coating to bring new life to your roof and seal out water.  This time-tested method is guaranteed to keep your building dry and comes with a 10-year warranty.

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1.  Pressure Wash

The first step in coating your metal roof is to pressure wash the entire surface.  Pressure washing a metal roof helps to remove any dirt and debris that could prevent the coating from properly adhering.  Our industrial-grade pressure washers have the force and scrubbing power to remove anything that may be sticking to your roof – including old, pealing paint or coating – so that nothing is standing in the way of the best finish possible.

2.  Apply Primer

Sometimes, a metal roof will require that an additional primer be applied to ensure a tight bond between the base coat and the metal surface.  If necessary, a coating of primer will be applied after a thorough pressure washing.

3.  Seam Reinforcement

In order to ensure that your metal roof coating prevents all water from seeping into your structure, we reinforce the end-lap seams where the sheets of metal overlap.  This prevents moisture from being drawn up underneath the metal and causing damage, rusting, or leaking.

4.  Base Coat Application

After the roof seam reinforcement, we apply a base coat to the entire roof.  This helps the top finish coat to properly adhere to the roof while providing an added layer of protection.  The base coat we use is Aldocoat 374 and is applied at a rate of 1.5 gallons for every 100 sq. ft. of roof.

5.  Caulking All Screws

Over time, the rubber gaskets that were originally on the metal roof screws can deteriorate and lose their ability to keep moisture from leaking through.  To remedy this, we go through and caulk each and every screw head to seal out moisture or compensate for where screws and metal may have begun to rust.

6.  Top Coat Application

Once the base coat has been applied and all possible moisture entry points have been sealed, your metal roof coating is nearly finished.  At this point, we apply a final top coat to not only protect your roof and lock out moisture but to give your roof an appealing, finished look.  We use Aldocoat 400 which is applied at a rate of 1.5 gallons for every 100 sq. ft.

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