IB Rubber Roof System

Durable, Energy-Efficient, and Watertight Solutions

Enhance Protection and Durability with IB Roof System

If you have a flat or low-pitch roof that requires installation, repair, or replacement, the IB Roof System is the perfect solution. At Schultz Roofing, we specialize in installing IB Roof Systems, which are fabric-reinforced membranes designed to withstand chemicals, UV rays, and the elements.

With a watertight and virtually maintenance-free design, these roofs provide exceptional durability and protection for your building. Additionally, the light color and reflective surface of the IB Roof System enhance energy efficiency by deflecting the sun’s heat away from your building.

Expert IB Roof System Installation Process

Removal of Old Roof (if necessary):

If required, we will remove the existing roofing materials before installing the IB Roof System. Our team will safely dispose of the old materials, preparing the roof for the new installation.

Installation of Substrate:

The IB Roof System is typically installed over foam board, which provides additional insulation and energy efficiency. The thickness of the foam board will be determined based on your roof’s needs and desired performance.

Precise Measurement and Cutting:

We measure and cut the IB membrane to the required lengths, ensuring precise coverage and proper overlap for optimal protection.

Secure Membrane Fastening:

The membrane is securely fastened using barbed metal plates and screws along one side of the roof. This ensures a tight and reliable attachment to the substrate.

Robotic Heat Welding:

All long seams of the membrane are heat welded using advanced robotic equipment. This process creates a consistent, tight, and impenetrable bond, guaranteeing a watertight finish. Fine details are meticulously heat welded by hand to ensure the highest quality.

Installation of Pipe Fittings and Flashing:

To further enhance waterproofing, we install pipe fittings and edge/curb flashing, which are carefully hand-welded to ensure precision and accuracy.

Drain Installation:

We install drains in the roof to facilitate proper water drainage and prevent pooling. This ensures that any water not directed towards the roof’s edge can be efficiently removed.

Termination Seals:

The final step involves sealing off all membrane terminations at the edges. This is especially important when the membrane roof extends up the side of a wall. The edge is securely fastened and caulked, ensuring complete water protection.



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